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Khadija Mezori • خدیجه‌ مزوری

Almost forty years ago, Khadijah dared to become a Peshmerga, making her most likely the longest-serving female Peshmerga. As a youth, her proactiveness quickly earned her a spot with one of the most prominent Kurdish nationalist groups. As staff on the radio broadcast, she was preparing and broadcasting the news on the Voice of Iranian Kurdistan. She aimed higher, and became member of the central committee of KDP-I and head of community affairs. It is still her core and mission to fight for the Kurdish cause from within the region, as a Peshmerga.

یه‌کێکه‌ له‌و که‌مه‌ کچاه‌ بوو که‌ بوێر بوون ببن به‌ پێشمه‌رگه‌ ٤٠ ساڵ له‌مه‌و پێش له‌به‌ر چالاک بوونه‌ به‌هێزه‌که‌ی ، زوو بوو به‌ ئه‌ندامێکی سه‌ره‌کی بزوتنه‌وه‌که‌ی ، وه‌ک میدیاکارێکی رادیۆ کاری کردووه‌ و پێشکه‌شکه‌ری هه‌واڵ بووه‌ له‌ ڕادیۆی کوردستانی ڕۆژهه‌لات