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Eman Ibrahim (Razzaq) • ئیمان ڕه‌زاق

Eman is a 4th year medical student, U.S. Department of State Alumna of Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange, Public Health Exchange student in Washington State University and a certified trainer, TEDx speaker, National and International (INESPO) award winning innovator for developing a Bomb Detection System in high school.

This led her to become the Co-Founder of Creativity Beyond Curriculum research & innovation platform working to provide resource facilities to students & unemployed youth and to encourage young girls to participate in STEM related fields in the post conflict and underdeveloped country of Iraq.

CBC fills the gap between investors and youth with ideas by providing hands on trainings aiming to develop young critical thinkers and to create a solid base for the R&D sector that will help the economic growth of the region.

Aside from her studies, Eman contributes to community projects as an engaged citizen advancing social, educational, humanitarian, and economic development projects. She’s had significant role in issues concerning innovation, empowerment, public health, social cohesion, as well as fundraising campaigns.

She was awarded the most active women in Erbil 2 years in a row for her work on International Day of Women. Besides being the Outgoing Curator of World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community - Erbil Hub, she’s the Co-Founder and project leader of the Hub's Cancer Support Center in Erbil and works to break the taboo/destigmatize of mental illness through activities as well as securing financial support.

Under her leadership as the Curator in 2017/2018, Erbil Hub was recognized and awarded grant as one of the most active Hubs among 375 hubs worldwide by the founder of WEF, Professor Klaus Schwab

سەرەڕای قورسی خوێندنه‌ پزیشکیه‌که‌ی ، ئیمان دوو جار وه‌ک یه‌کێک له‌ چالاکترین ئافره‌ته‌کانی هه‌ولێر هه‌ڵبژێردراوه، یه‌کێکه‌ له‌ به‌ڕێوه‌به‌ره‌ پێشووه‌کانی کۆمه‌ڵه‌ی بیناکارانی جیهان سه‌ر به‌ کۆربه‌ندی ئابوری جیهان - هۆبه‌ هه‌ولێر ، هه‌روه‌ها ئیمان هاودامەزرێنەر و سه‌رپه‌رشتیاری پرۆژه‌ی سه‌نته‌ری پاڵپشتی شێرپه‌نجه‌ی هه‌ولێره‌ که سه‌ر به‌ هۆبه‌ی هه‌ولێره‌ ، ئیمان کار بۆ ئه‌وه‌ ده‌کات که‌ تابوو نه‌خۆشه‌ ده‌روونیه‌کان له‌ نێو کۆمه‌ڵگه‌ بشکێنت