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Shukran Akta • شوکران ئه‌کتا

Shukran is a Kurdish actress from Turkey who recently won the best young actress award for her role in the film “A Difficult Decision” at the Antalya Film Festival. In an interview with the Kurdish news outlet Rudaw, Shukran spoke about the struggles Kurdish actresses face in Turkey, where their freedoms are stripped from them.

She believes that “women have not been given an opportunity to reach their full potential” and that “Kurdish films in Turkey are facing too many difficulties due to the political situation.” Shukran was able to attend the Duhok International Film Festival last year in her first visit to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and said she was received warmly and happy to take part of the festival.

شوکران ئه‌کته‌رێکی کورد ، له‌ تورکیا که‌ خه‌ڵاتی باشترین ئه‌کته‌ری گه‌نجی به‌ده‌سهت هێناوه‌ بۆ ڕۆله‌که‌ی له‌ فیلمی
"A Difficult Decision"
لە فیسڤالی فیلمی ئه‌نتالیا