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Rosa Karim

Rosa Karim is an activist and journalist, who has tirelessly ensured that thousands of families and individuals in the Kurdistan Region, Afrin, Lesbos, Mosul, and Turkey receive food, clothes, and medical care. Her focus on timely and essential support has also extended to lobbying for the Kurdistan Regional Government, and the support and accompaniment of journalists visiting Kurdistan. Follow her on Twitter at

Rosa Karim has helped with the Peacemaker project, lobbied for the KRG, accompanied and supervised journalists visiting the KR, and helped with the translation and publishing of several books. She distributed over 30 tons of winter clothes to those in need, as well as 11,000 cuddly toys to children in KR camps. She collected and delivered food (monthly rations) for 1,000 families in Afrin in Rojava, and supplied the hospital in Afrin with $30,000 of drugs. She has ensured that hundreds of poor families in the KR are provided with food for months (with Tobias) and distributed thousands of monthly rations of baby food. She supplied the orphanage in Khanke with drinking water, and an expanded idea and design for the orphanage is on the way. She organized emergency aid for earthquake victims in Kurdistan (with Tobias and Gunter), emergency relief for the victims of the attack in Koya, emergency relief for the people of Mosul, authorized the Mobile Hospital for the people of Mosul, distributed food to Lesbos for people stranded there, purchased a transport car on Lesbos so that people can be cared for and sea rescue teams are quickly put to use, and overseen countless cases of individual emergency assistance (even in Turkey).