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Jehan Mukawel • جیهان موکه‌وه‌ل

Ranked among the Top 100 Women in Switzerland , Jehan is a Kurdish refugee in Switzerland originally from Akre. She is now a Swiss politician and candidate for Parliament. "I work as a political scientist for various political organizations and have specialized in development and migration policy." Follow her at

My name is Jehan Mukawel and I was born in 1992 in Akre. We left Kurdistan in the late 90s because my dad was politically persecuted by Saddam’s regime. We didnt want to stay abroad permanently, but when my grandmother, Magrim Barzani, died, we didn’t want to return. It was very important for my father that we children integrate ourselves immediately into our new community. Obviously, my fatherbeing an international businessman who had traveled the world, ,meant that our integration was going to be much easier. During the first 2-3 years we visited private schools, so that we really pick up German quickly. My parents value a good education very much and have always supported us. Though after high school I wanted to study art, yet my father saw no future in this area and refused to support me. He wanted me to become a businesswoman and therefore study economics. I obeyed and finished my first degree in economics. Looking back I think it was the best decision I made, because it opened the door to Google Premium Partners. When I first worked as a 20-year-old girl in the field of technology, the eyes of the men were not fading. Every time they wanted to explain something to me, they let me know that they didn‘t believe in me.But I never let myself down! I had a very successful career and achieved my goals very quickly. In addition to my career, I completed my second degree in communication psychology.

In Switzerland more and more people didn’t believe that there are positive examples of immigrants integrating into their society. People were only talking about those refugees that were doing “bad” things,, so that was the turning point for me, I decided to get involved in politics. I joined a party and started my studies in political science. My most difficult steps were in politics! Most are quite old and don‘t take the women seriously. I had to fight a lot and it was not easy to prove myself! In 2018, I knew that I was on the right way because I was awarded the title "100 extraordinary women of Switzerland". My title is dedicated to good migration and showed that there is also good migration. I'm one of the few women in Switzerland who are working in economics, science, politics and technology. I’m in the board for different organizations and work for some charities. I am committed to children with rare diseases and research in this area, also I talk about that in politics. I am the first woman from kurdistan region who is a national council candidate and is fighting for a seat in the swiss parliament. During my entire career, my father was always the base for me, but I had to fight a lot on my own and I had a lot to prove alone, especially as a young Kurdish girl. I am a young Kurdish girl who showed the world that in a young age you can achieve anything, if you fight for it and never stop dreaming.

سیاسه‌تمه‌داریکی کوردی - سویسرییه‌ ، که‌ وه‌ک یه‌کێک له‌ سه‌د ئافره‌ته‌ کاریگەره‌کانی سویسرا ئاماژه‌ پێکراوه، جیهان له‌دوای گه‌یشتنی بۆ سویسرا له‌ ته‌مه‌نی شه‌ش ساڵیدا وه‌کو ئاواره‌یه‌ک ، ناسراوه‌ به‌ به‌ژداربوونێک و تێکه‌ڵبوونێکی باشی نێو کۆمه‌ڵگه‌ نوێکه‌ی خۆی ، جیهان ئێستا یه‌کێکه‌ له‌ کاندیده‌ سیاسییه‌کانی هه‌ڵبژاردنی په‌رله‌مان بۆ ساڵی ۲۰۱۹‌