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Mina Jaf • مینا جاف

Jaf is a grassroots activist for the rights of female refugees. Born in Iraqi Kurdistan, she is the founder of Women Refugee Route, an NGO that works to empower refugees to become self-advocates and impact asylum and migration policies, and enables women refugees to become self-advocates while navigating their refugee journey.

“Women are not here to follow – We are here to lead!” Mina Jaf was awarded the Women of Europe Award 2017 in the category “Women in Youth Activism”. The awards are organized by the European Movement International and the European Women’s Lobby, and are handed out annually to honor women striving to advance the European project in their professional or private capacity. Follow her at

"Women Refugee Route"ە
چالاکوانێکی به‌ناوبانگی مافی ئافره‌ته‌ ئاواره‌کانه خه‌ڵاتی ئفره‌تانی ئه‌روپای پێدراوه‌ ، له‌ لقی چالاکوانانی ئافره‌تی گه‌نج له‌ ساڵی ۲۰۱۷