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Sidon • צידון • صيدا

Sarcophagus of Tabnit (?), king of Sidon in the 5th CENT BCE.

I, Tabnit, priest of Astarte, king of Sidon, the son of Eshmuun'azar, priest of Astarte, king of Sidon, am lying in this sarcophagus. Whoever you are who might find this sarcophagus, don't, don't open it and don't disturb me, for no silver has been given me, no gold and no jewelry whatever has been given me! Only I am lying in this sarcophagus. Don't, don't open it, and don't disturb me, for such a thing would be an abomination to Astarte! But if you do open it and if you do disturb me, may (you) not have any seed among the living under the sun or resting-place together with the shades!

Inscription on Sarcophagus of Eshmun'azar (II) of Sidon

In the month of Bul, in the year fourteen of the reign of Eshmun'azar king of Sidon the son of the king Tabnit king, king of Sidon, king Eshmun'azar, king of Sidon, spoke as follows: "I have been snatched away before my time, the son of a number of restricted days, an orphan, the son of a widow, I am lying in this casket and this grave, in a place which I built. Whoever you are, ruler and man, may he not open this resting-place and may he not search in it for anything, for nothing whatever has been placed in to it! May he not take the casket in which I am resting, and may he not carry me away from this resting-place to another resting-place! Even if people goad you, do not listen to their talk, for any ruler ... .