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Shrihan Rasho Ali

I have lost count of how many times I have been sold as a sex slave among ISIS members but I am free now and I want to heal, live, and love again, said Shrihan, an Ezidi survivor of ISIS' systematic annihilation and rape of Ezidi people. She has chosen to share her story and to pursue a new life of recovery, openness, and advocacy.

I share with you with a heavy heart the story of Shrihan it was very difficult to write down her story and ask the filmmaker Ala Hoshyar Tayyeb questions about her health, her hopes and dreams. I received a picture of her today and she sent Female Voices Of The World a voice message. She said; I can feel hopeful again and live but I need to feel safe again in order to heal but I don’t feel safe here. @moraddashni

I was only 14 years old when the barbarians ISIS invaded our peaceful town, they killed my brother and mother in front of my own eyes. My mom, my brave mom was holding a gun and shot one of the ISIS fighters down trying to protect me but they were too fast and killed her too. I don’t remember the amount of times I was sold, I do know it was more than 15 times. I have been sold and raped over and over again in Mosul and Raqqa and other places I have never been before or heard of before and people I never saw before. Each time they opened the door I was scared, so scared especially when I became pregnant. One of the fighters kicked me so hard that I lost the child within me and it is hurting me until this very day. Because it was LIVE growing inside of me, a part of me.

I am now 18 years old, I barely remember anything from the last four years but then there are days I do remember everything and I tremble like I do now.

It has been only a few weeks since my family BOUGHT ME BACK for $13,000 and I live in Sinjar area. Everything reminds me of the horror I was in especially the ruins outside. I sometimes black out and don’t remember anything when I wake-up. There is a team of doctors that pick me up every other day to the town of Ba3dria for treatment where my brother lives. And I am very grateful for this because I do want to heal and I want to have hopes and dreams again and live my life. But I know that I will not have that opportunity here. My mom is everywhere around me, I wake-up at night and scream her name, I was she was with me now.

But I am happy that I am united with the rest of my family, that I am surrounded by my brothers and sister. I feel hopeful and I even attended our new year after such a long time (Charshemba Sewr) in my new beautiful traditional wear.

Alla Hoshyar: When I interviewed her she wanted to look beautiful in the picture and wanted her STORY to be heard.

She acknowledged her mental state and appreciated the doctors and wanted to heal and this is strength to me. Knowing that after all that she went through she was willing to LIVE again.