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[04] Path to Mount Arafat (PMA)

The path starts at a gateway with two doors, then forks to go uphill (on to the 'center of the world' marker) or downhill (towards the guard tower).



Cluster 01

Cluster 01 has two small shrines.

Cluster 02

Cluster 02 follows along the wall of Shekh Adi.

Cluster 03

Cluster 03 has one chapel. It is notable for a sculpture of a sheep's head next to it along the walkway.

Cluster 04

Cluster 04 has a nice archway on the main path, through which you pass to go to a chapel, a small fountain, and a ramp going to the roof of MA-2-5. There is a pleasant, sizable, and grassy clearing here.

Cluster 05

Cluster 05 is accessible via a path goes uphill from the main walkway, beginning directly opposite the archway leading to Cluster 4. This cluster is dominated by one large shrine, but there are also four shrines right above it as well and a final one above those four.

Cluster 06

Cluster 06 has a freshly painted shrine, and an empty abandoned one as well.

Cluster 07

Cluster 07 has two shrines.

Cluster 08

Cluster 08 consists of two shrines, one close to the main pathway and another up some stairs that is quite large with an arcade similar to that in the main courtyard.

Cluster 09

Cluster 09 has three shrines.

Cluster 10

Cluster 10 is mainly one building with several shrines, newly built to be completed in 2020. There is also a large water tank above it.

Mount Arafat

Mount Arafat itself is adjacent to Cluster 10, and is the center of the universe.