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Double Gateway

The path begins at a gateway with two doorways. The gateway was recently built, around 2017 or 2018.

The gateway has two arches. Viewed from the courtyard, it has a smaller entrance on the left and a larger entrance on the right. Rounded archways are said to be associated with Ezidi tradition as opposed to Arab, Kurdish, or other Islamic traditions. In the middle is a sheep's head, associated with the sacrifice made in hopes of a wish being fulfilled or after a joyous event.

There are symbols carved into both sides of the gateway, as well as inside the rises of the arches themselves. The smaller arch has a carving of a moon, on the outer side. The larger arch has two carvings of the sun, one on each side.

Viewed from the back (outside of the courtyard) we see the larger arch has a carving of an axe above it. TO the left of the arch is a design with three triangles, with the middle triangle upside-down. Between the two arches is a square design with four horizontal lines.