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Rise of Taliban movement




1994 11 25

Taliban take control of two southern provinces, Lashkargarh and Helmand.

1995 01 01

3,000 Pakistani Taliban from Peshawar leave for افغانستان Afghanistan.

1995 02 02

Taliban move into Wardak Province, 25 miles from Kabul.

1995 02 11

Taliban capture Logar province. Nine provinces out of 30 captured by Taliban. برهان الدين رباني President Burhanuddin Rabbani sends delegation to meet Taliban.

1995 02 14

Taliban take Charasyab and گلبدين حكمتيار Gulbuddin Hikmetyar flees without a fight.

1995 02 18

Taliban put three conditions on joining possible interim government: neutral force made up of Taliban; only good Muslims will participate; and all 30 provinces must be represented.

1995 03 07

Taliban advance on Nimroz, Farah, try to capture Herat. Taliban move into south كابل Kabul as Hazaras vacate their positions.

1995 03 11

مسعود Masud attacks Taliban near كابل Kabul. Taliban pushed back to Charasyah.

1995 03 13

Hazara leader Abdul Ali Mazari captured by Taliban and dies in helicopter crash while being taken to كندهار Kandahar by Taliban. Taliban take Farah.

1995 04 04

Taliban capture part of Shindand airbase near Herat.

1995 03 29

Government forces push back Taliban 80 miles from Shindand.

1995 05 12

Taliban pushed out of Farah.

1995 05 31

Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki visits كابل Kabul and كندهار Kandahar.

1995 07 10

Deputy chief of Saudi intelligence tours Afghan cities in peace mission, meets with Taliban.

1995 09 02

Taliban capture Shindand. كابل Kabul reshuffles military command and demotes Ismael Khan as troops airlifted in Herat.

1995 09 03

Taliban capture Shindand. كابل Kabul reshuffles military command and demotes Ismael Khan as troops airlifted into Herat.

1995 09 05

Taliban capture Herat. Ismael Khan flees to ايران Iran without a fight.

1995 09 06

Pakistan embassy in كابل Kabul sacked and burnt down. ايران Iran warns Taliban not to cross Iranian border.

1995 10 10

Taliban shift 40 tanks to كابل Kabul from Kandahar, prepare for assault on city.

1995 10 11

Taliban begin major attack and recapture Charasyah.

1995 11 11

كابل Kabul rocketed by Taliban. 36 killed, 52 wounded in worst day of rocketing by طالبان.

1995 11 26

Worst ever bombing of كابل Kabul by Taliban. 39 civilians dead, 140 wounded. Government forces push back طالبان from كابل.

1996 03 03

Rabbani starts visit to ايران Iran, Türkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

After this, the Taliban organized into a state structure: the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.