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Ruwayda Mustafa • ڕووه‌یده‌ موسته‌فا

Ruwayda Mustafah is a political science researcher at the University of Kingston London. She is the author of ‘A journey to Kurdistan’ where she narrates the societal issues facing women of the region, a self-awakening initiative.

She has two upcoming books in the works, one titled ‘The Kurdish Mother’ which highlights research-based attitudes towards childcare, and the positive aspects of Kurdish cultural upbringing. In addition to this, she has collaborated with dozens of writers to produce a book, titled “The Kurdish Progeny” (print upcoming 2019).

Ruwayda regularly helps women bolster their online presence and improve their career options through mentoring and PR initiatives. Ruwayda believes women’s participation in politics and media is crucial in building a more egalitarian society.

Ruwayda uses her many platforms to discuss the opportunities available for women under constitution-based governments, and how the many ways they can become a prominent part of the media narrative in deciphering news. If we want women to have more opportunities in the work sector, less discrimination, and to eradicate harassment of female workers — we have to work with policy-makers, and in particular, support the policies of those that work towards these goals.

Politics affects every sector. We have to move on from the mentality that positions of power are exclusively for men. Women leaders: our society has crumbled backwards because of decisions made by men, perhaps it’s time that we made those decisions?

توێژه‌رێکی زانسته‌ سیاسییه‌کانه‌ له‌ زانکۆی کینگستۆن له‌نده‌ن ، نووسه‌ری کتێبی " گەشتێک بۆ کوردستان " ه‌ که‌ ئه‌و گرفتانه‌ ده‌گێڕێته‌وه‌ که‌ به‌ره‌وڕووی ئافره‌تان ده‌بنه‌وه‌ له‌ هه‌رێم ، کتتێبه‌که‌ی کارێکی ده‌ستپێشخه‌ری خود یاریده‌ده‌ره‌