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Sazan Mandalawi • سازان مه‌نده‌لاوی

Sazan is a renowned Kurdish blogger and author of “My Nest in Kurdistan”, with over 100,000 followers on social media. She was the first female Kurdish blogger from Kurdistan to write in English. She started her blog 11 years ago in September 2008.

After working as Director of Marketing, Media and Public Relations at the Univeristy of Hewler, Kurdistan, she joined the UN as a Peer Educator.

Currently, she focuses on training young people in schools and universities in a wide range of issues including: HIV and AIDs, sexual reproductive health, anger management, family relations, women's rights, honour killings, early/forced marriages, Female Genital Mutilation, and various other matters that affect the youth in the local community. This is achieved by building their confidence, culture of volunteerism, and teamwork abilities.

بلۆگه‌رێکی به‌ناو بانگی کورده‌ ، نووسه‌ری کتێبی " "هێلانه‌که‌م له‌ کوردستان" خاوه‌نی زیتار له‌ ۱۰٠٠٠٠ هه‌واداره‌ له‌ تۆره‌ کۆمه‌ڵایه‌تیه‌کان، یه‌که‌مین بلۆگه‌ری کوردی مێ بوو که‌ به‌ زمانی ئینگلیزی بنوسێت