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1962, Culture of Iraq (Scott 302-305)



3 fils

Yellow background, showing a group of troops going into battle, with the year 1382, suggesting it shows the Timurid expansion to Iraq. The style seems to mirror Timurid art.

6 fils

Scribe on a mauve background: Al Kindi, born in Kufa in the 9th century, and one of the greatest minds of the Islamic world.

10 fils

Map of medieval Baghdad. Captioned "بغداد المدورة" meaning "Round Baghdad" in reference to the ancient round city of the Abbasids. There was a plan in the 1950s to construct a modern "Round City" on the Karkh side of Baghdad.

40 fils

A smiling General Abdulkareem Qassem in front of Iraqi administrative buildings and the new Iraqi flag. He was the co-leader of the July 14 Revolution and first Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq.