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Minaret of Ghawanima

The second oldest minaret after the Fakhariya minaret, the Ghawanima minaret is at the northwest corner of the Temple Mount. It was commissioned in 1297–98 by Sultan Lajin and supervised by by architect Qadi Sharaf al-Din al-Khalili.

It is the tallest of the four minarets, at six stories high. It is almost entirely stone except for a wooden canopy on the muezzin's balcony. It is built very well, and has survived earthquakes fairly unscathed. Stone molding and muqarna galleries separate it into stories. The first two form a wider base and have an external staircase. The next three have an internal spiral staircase. The fourth level has the muezzin's balcony. Capping all this is a cylindrical drum and bulbous dome.