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Ravan Ja'afar Al Taei • ڕاڤان جعفر الطاي

Ravan Ja'afar Al-Taei founded the Book Cafe in Erbil, but her accomplishments were already impressive even before that. She began writing at the age of ten, when she first began to dream of becoming a writer. Ravan then rose to become the world's top Wikipedia volunteer as a youth, and joined the Wikipedia Foundation to represent its volunteer teams at events around the world.

At age 30, Ravan co-founded Erbil’s The Book Café in Dream City. When The Book Café opened in 2017, she told the Kurdish news agency Rudaw, “The aim of this was to create a place where girls can come and read, study, work in an inspiring environment, which is also comfortable and easily accessible.”

نووسه‌رێک و خوێنه‌رێکی به‌ شەیدایه‌، کارساز ڕاڤان له‌ ته‌مه‌نی سی ساڵیدا هاودامه‌زرێنه‌ری کافترای بووک کافێ له‌ هه‌ولێر له‌ دریم ستی له‌ ته‌مه‌نی ده‌ ساڵیدا ده‌ستی به‌ نووسین کردووه‌ و خه‌ونی به‌وه‌ بینووه‌ که‌ ببێته‌ نووسه‌ر