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1986 zakho jewish kurdistan haggadah aramaic dialect rare הגדה כורדית

1986 zakho jewish kurdistan haggadah aramaic dialect rare הגדה כורדית זאכויית

1986 zakho jewish kurdistan haggadah aramaic dialect rare
in this auction i offer:
כותרים נוספים הגדה של פסח. תשמ"ו.
מקום קשור Jerusalem (Israel)-place of publication
מחבר/יוצר אלפיה, שבתי בן מאיר
מוציא לאור ירושלים : ש. אלפייה
שנה תשמ"ו
הערות עברית וכורדית זאכויית באותיות עבריות עמוד מול עמוד
תיאור קא ע' : פורטרט
22 ס"מ.
שפה ארמית

haggadah shel pessach
according to Zakho Aramaic Jewish dialect
by s. Alpia
Hebrew - Zakho Jewish dialect
small circle distribution - rare to find
with a preface on this oriental remote community
and its Pessach custom
original hard cover
good shape
101 pages size:5.5-8.5 inches
Zakho was formerly known for its Synagogues and large, ancient Jewish community and was known as "The Jerusalem of Mesopotamia". The banks of the nearby Khabur River are mentioned in the Bible as one of the places to which the Israelites were exiled (1 Chronicles, 5:26,[21] 2 Kings 17:6, 2 Kings 18:11).
The Jews spoke the Aramaic of their ancestors and were also fluent in kurmanji, the language spoken by non-Jewish Kurds[22].
Kurdish society was primarily a tribal one. Jews of Zalho bore arms like Kurdish Muslims[23]. There was an attack on the Jews in 1891, when one of the synagogues was burnt down. The troubles intensified in 1892.
Most of the Jews relocated to Israel in the 1950s.[24]
While the Jews of Zakho were among the least literate in the Jewish diaspora, they had a unique and rich oral tradition, known for its legends, epics and ballads, whose heroes came from both Jewish and Muslim traditions.[25]
please watch for my other haggada i am offering
Passover is a family holiday and a happy one. The first and seventh days are observed as full holidays, as are the second and eighth days for Diaspora Jews.
It is traditional for a Jewish family to gather on the first two nights (only one night in Israel) for a special dinner called a seder (derived from the Hebrew word for "order", due to the very specific order of the ceremony) where the story of the Israelite exodus from Egypt is retold by the reading of the story in the seder prayer book, the Haggadah