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Aida Mihandoost • ئه‌دا میهان دۆست

Born in Iran, Aida is a Kurdish entrepreneur who moved to Erbil in 2011. "It was definitely a big challenge for me to walk in through a society of male power." She had wanted to launch a beauty salon as a teenager, and in February 2016 she achieved this. "I was loving this idea that i can have a place for women's self-care and beauty, where they can pamper themselves and feel relax and fresh."

"It was and still is really hard. I’m not going to exaggerate about this, but as a woman and also as a young woman, it is very hard to make people believe in you and obey your rules. I still remember that surprised face of my employees when I was interviewing them." She aims to be a successful leader to empower more women in society to achieve their own dreams.

"Actually, for me the aim is not being a boss who orders. I have always tried to be a good leader and have a teamwork with my staff. And of course with their help and support we are doing this amazing job. And my main support which is my family, my beautiful mom and sister who has always been by my side and helped me through everything.

"I do support women in my business and all steps of my life. Because I have raised in a family when we were only 3 women with no man, and I have faced many problems and unfair challenges because of that. But my mother taught us to stand up and fight for what we want in this life. To work and be independent and to support people and mostly women as much as we can. She is the main reason why i am here today.

"Our job is mainly about women, as we are serving them here and mostly we are hiring women to work with us and be a part of our team. Besides that, we always try to have some activities which support women society such as this amazing event.

"The challenges that we always face in society should make us believe that women empowerment is something we really need the most. Obviously, if we do not support and help each other then who is willing to do this for us?

"I think if each one of us as a woman tries to empower one another then we can do magic. So let’s do this, let’s help each other to have a better life, a life that we deserve."

خێرخوازو فه‌مینست و ژنێکی کارسازه‌ ، دامه‌زرێنه‌ری کلاسی سپایه‌ له‌ هه‌ولێر