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Della Murad • دێلا موراد

Well-known Kurdish fashion designer Della Murad was born in Halabja. She moved to Baghdad at the age 2 and stayed there for 22 years, studying biology and later teaching it in secondary school in the Kurdistan region. In 1989, Della moved to London to work as an image consultant and fashion designer. She organized her first fashion show in 2002 there and has since organized shows in the Netherlands, Germany, Dubai and the Kurdistan region.

Della has presented fashion shows with the coordination of museums including the renowned Victoria and Albert Museum in London to promote traditional Kurdish clothes. She now works as artistic director of the UK-based Gulan Media, a charity that promotes Kurdish tradition and culture.

شێوەسازی جل و به‌رگه‌ که‌ نیشته‌جێی شاری له‌نده‌نه‌ ، دێلا چه‌ندین نمایشی جل و به‌رگی له‌ ئه‌وروپا و رۆژهه‌ڵاتی ناوه‌ڕاست ئه‌نجام داوه‌ ، بۆ نیشان دان و باوکردنی جلی کوردی ، ته‌نانه‌ت له‌ مۆزه‌خانه‌کانیش وه‌ک مۆزه‌خانه‌ی ئه‌لبێرت و مۆزه‌خانه‌ی ڤیکتۆریا له‌ شاری له‌نده‌ن بۆ نیشان دان و باوکردنی جلی کوردی