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Silemani (subdistrict) • سلێمانی • السليمانية‎‎ • Silêmanî

This city is known in Kurdish as سليماني Silêmanî and in Arabic as السليمانية Sulaymaniyah, though it's informally called Suli.


Suleimani Museum

Located on Salim Street, houses local items that date back thousands of years. It is one of the richest museums in the Region.

Dilan Restaurant

My favorite dining experience was undoubtedly the rooftop restaurant at the Dilan on Salim Street.

Azmar Mountain

With its looming PUK-TV television tower, it is a dominant feature in the city. For a relatively expensive 15,000 dinar, it is possible to take a taxi there and enjoy great views of the city, nearby mountains and Iran.

Post Office

Just off Mawlawi street is a post office with affordable rates.


Just off the city center is an overwhelming bazaar.

Red Security Building

Limited hours.


There is a Wakar Bank across from the shopping mall in the city center.

Nearby landmarks

Dokan lake

70km west of Suleimaniah, is a local resort with hotels, restaurants and holiday chalets.

Darbandikhan dam

65km south east of Sulemaniah also has tourist cabins, restaurants, leisure facilities.

Ahmadawa resort

Known for its springs, waterfalls and orchards, is a popular summer escape for locals and tourists.

Tell Bakrawa

Archaeological site.


A village with the shrine of Shex Mustafa.

Hospitality in سليماني Suleimani (السليمانية Sulaymaniyah)

Hotel Ashti

Down the street from the Sulaymaniyah Palace. I stayed across the street at the Hotel Chrakhan, and came over every day to enjoy a cup of chai and the wireless internet in the lobby. I believe you are supposed to pay for the wireless internet at Hotel Ashti, but if you buy a drink then you will not be bothered.

The reception is extremely friendly and allows usage of the telephone. If you ask nicely you may be allowed to visit the rooftop and take in the glorious view of Suleimani.
+44 7077507751
3120435, 3127999, 3134248

Hotel Chrakhan

Single 25000 IQD
Pleasant hotel next to the Ashti, accessible via a sleek stairway of black granite and pink marble. There is a tasty Chinese restaurant on the ground level and the cook Jing is a delightful man.

The reception will allow you to make phone calls, but there is not always somebody there to receive calls and jot down messages. Unfortunately I missed a call from Hero Talabani because there was nobody at the front desk at the time.

On my first evening, I was locked out from 01:30 to 04:30 in the morning because the front door was locked and nobody was present to hear my buzzes and knocks. But when the reception is there, the folks are very pleasant.

I was glad to stay here for ten nights in a room with with its own refrigerator, balcony, pleasant view and private bathroom.

Additional hotels

Sulaymaniyah Palace (Suleimani Palace)
At the city center, visible as the tallest hotel on Salim St, the Sulaymaniyah Palace. Lofty prices and Western toilets attract elites. It was bombed in 2008.
3134141 – 47
0087 361586731

کانى Hotel Kane
Next to the Hotel Ashti is the Hotel Kane. I never visited this but noticed its sign in a photograph I took of the Ashti.

Hotel Dilan
On Salam St down from the Sulaymaniyah Palace is the Hotel Dilan, a beautiful new structure with a fantastic restaurant and viewing balcony on the top floor. The restaurant has expensive lamb and rice dishes, but fortunately there was no rice being served when I visited with my friend Meran and thus I had an excuse to buy the affordable 5000 IQD hamburger. The service was friendly and being at the top of a building along a wide busy street reminded me of my hometown of Los Angeles.

Parezh Hotel
+964 (0)53 210 7185
+964 (0)770 366 8888
+964 (0)730 154 6525

فنلق و بار ميوان Miwan Hotel & Bar
Triple 10000 IQD
Very affordable. (Pyramed Street, Bazaar)

ئوتيل بوکان Bukan Motel
Suite 26000 IQD
(Pyramed Street, Bazaar) Shared bathroom, kitchen for guest use.

Hotel Tara
Single 20000 IQD, Double 25000 IQD
(Pyramed Street, Bazaar) Shared bathroom.

Hiwa Hotel
Single 15000 IQD
(Kawa Street) Friendly and will find a roommate for you.

مه وله وى Maulawi Hotel
(Kawa St, at main intersection)

کوژپن Kozhin Hotel
(Kawa St, at main intersection.)

Lalezar Hotel
(Sarchinar Hill)
+964 (0) 53 319 2601