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Kakaii settlements around Kalek / Sufayyah

There are seven Kakaii villages in the Kalek area: Sufaya in Kalek district, within the Kurdistan Region; Kulabor, Wardik, Gazakan, Tulaban, and Zengal in Iraq's Hamdaniya District, but now administered by the Kurdistan Region; and Kabarli, in Hamdaniya District and the only one now administered by Iraq. The shrines of Mam Nazar, Shah Hayas, and Ismail, Walid, and Abbas are part of the geography of Kakaii villages and shrines established in the Kalek area, one of the few such Kakaii clusters in the world.


The villages were liberated by 30 May 2016. "Aziz, who now lives in the nearby Khabat area, had just returned from the funeral of four fellow Kakais who were killed when they had gone to inspect their home in the village of Tullaband which had been taken from ISIL on May 30."