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Atrush (subdistrict) • ئەتروش • اتروش • Etrûş

Also known as Mizouri subdistrict, the center is Atrosh town. The KR also used Atrush town as the center of Sheikhan District during the process of absorbing it.

The villages of the district were destroyed before and during Anfal campaign except the district center. The citizens were displaced and Arab families were brought to replace them.

The district is well-known in having dense forests and excellent pasture lands, the people get benefit from them in breeding the cattle. Also the people depend on agriculture to earn their living by growing winter crops like wheat, barley, chick-peas, lentils and others getting benefit from Shemkan plain in addition to the flat and plain lands on the sides of Gomil river, they grow fruitful trees like apples, pears, peaches, pomegranates and fields of different kinds of grapes beside summer crops such as rice, tomatoes, vegetables and tobacco which is considered to be a famous crop in the district by getting benefit from the water of spread springs, rivers and Belkeb, Belan and Azakh small rivers. The most important mountains in the district are Khere, Sari Atrish, Berifka, Geli-Qerik and Zirwa, there are many places which are suitable to be resorts to receive tourists coming for rest and tourism if attention is given to them like Geli Belkeb, Duhok Archaeology Office listed (56) ancient locations in the district like Zaradishta fire bench in Basifri and Beri caves.