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Leila Bedirkhan • له‌یلا به‌درخان

Leila Bedirkhan is thought to be the first ballet dancer from the Middle East, and as such the first Kurdish ballet dancer. She was born in Istanbul in 1908, from a Swiss mother and a Kurdish father Prince Abdul Razak Badirkhan. She moved with her mother to Switzerland and staged her first show in Paris on May 30, 1935 in Centre Marcelin Berthelot.

Leila incorporated suggestive dance into ballet, thereby drawing wide attention. She had the chance to display her art in many countries like Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Unfortunately, her art was not popular among traditional Kurdish folks who perceived it as outlaw art.

بۆچونه‌کان له‌یلا به‌ یه‌که‌مین سه‌ماکاری بالێت داده‌نێن له‌ رۆژهه‌ڵاتی ناوه‌ڕاست و کورد