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Shifa Zikri Ibrahim (Shifa Gardi) • شیفا گه‌ردی

Shifa was Kurdistan’s most influential female television presenter and journalist for the Kurdish news agency based in Erbil, Rudaw Media Network. Born a refugee in Iran in 1986, she later returned to Erbil and studied at Salahaddin University. She began her media career in 2006 and joined Rudaw since its inception in 2013.

She started covering the war against ISIS on the segment Focus Mosul in 2016 and often reported from the front lines gaining worldwide attention. While covering the offensive to retake the city of Mosul and reporting on notorious mass graves, Shifa was killed by a roadside bomb on February 25, 2017 at the age of 31.

The Shifa Gardi Award was established on the second anniversary of her death earlier this year as a tribute to honor Shifa and other journalists who put their lives in danger covering war and conflict on the front lines.

شیفا شه‌کێک بوو له‌ کاریگەرترین ئافره‌ته‌ میدیاکارانی کوردستان ، که‌ ڕۆژنامه‌وان وپێشکه‌شکار بوو له‌ که‌ناڵی ڕوداو له‌ هه‌ولێر، شیفا له‌ کاتی شه‌ڕی گرتنه‌وه‌ی موسڵ کاتێک ڕاپۆرتی له‌سه‌ر گۆڕه‌ به‌ کۆمه‌ڵه‌کانی ده‌کرد ، له‌ ته‌قینه‌وه‌ی بۆمبێکی سه‌ر ڕێگا گیانی له‌ ده‌ست دا له‌ ۲۵/۲/۲۰۱۷له‌ ته‌مه‌نی ۳۱ ساڵیدا