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Chnar Berwari • چنار به‌رواری

Chnar was born in a tent in a refugee camp in Shiraz, to a family with a long history of Peshmerga service. Her family moved from Iran to Syria to Iraq, and finally Denmark. She moved back to Erbil as a single mother in 2013. With ISIS at the doorsteps, she decided to volunteer as a Peshmerga despite never having fought before.

The day she joined the Peshmerga, a big battle erupted in Zummar. She became a very successful Peshmerga. While today on reserve, she has founded a security company employing 75 security guards. "It has always been important for my father and myself to be a part of history in Kurdistan, as my father and his father and so forth were as well. It is Important to build Kurdistan and be a role model not only for the women but the Kurdish men as well."

پێشمه‌رگه‌یه‌کی ئافره‌تی خۆبه‌خشه‌ ، که‌ هاتۆته‌ نێو هێزه‌کان له‌ ساڵی ۲۰۱٤ کاتی شه‌ڕ دژ به‌ داعش، ئه‌مڕۆ کۆمپانیایه‌کی پاراستن باڕێوه‌ دابات وه‌ک تاکه‌ ئافره‌ت له‌م بواره