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Avaris, تل الدابة Tell el-Dab'a

Amorite/Canaanite (Canaanites refer to Amorites coming from region of Canaan) center in eastern Delta. Capital of XV Dynasty of Egypt (~ BCE - BCE), time of breakdown of Egyptian central control thus allowing foreigners to take control of themselves. This is an Egyptian site with obvious Canaanite characteristics, indicating Canaanite spread. Settled from start of MBA. Largest Canaanite population in MB IIC. Amorite cultural practices: ceramics (dietary customs); burials (mortuary customs) and temples (rituals).



Minoan fresco

The Theran Minoan Fresco at Avaris. It's not like you can just take a picture of a style and then reproduce it at home. If something looks Minoan then it required the skill set of Minoan artsits. They must have thus been at least loaned out to these places and suggests a very connected world.

Hyksos scarabs

The Hyksos scarabs were used for impressing seals and also jewelry. But the hieroglyphs on these don't really mean anything because in the Hyksos period all these things found in Canaan are purely artistic borrowings of Egyptian hieroglyphs. They just want to look Egyptian. Asiatics in Canaan have these lookalikes.

Tots in pots

Tots in pots refers to Asiatic children being buried in same fashion as Canaan. In Canaan you'll find MBA jars with infants in them dug into the ground. Burial customs are very conservative and do not readily change.

Dolphin vase

Mycenean vessel