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Girdasin • گردەسێن • كردسين • Girdesîn

People depend on argriculture to earn their living specilly the one depends on the water of rains for irrigation since the district lands fall within the guaranteed rains area and also the lands fall within the famous plains (Nafkor- Murage) with fertility and abundance in production. The district is considered to be the main source in producing wheat, barley, chick-peas and lentils beside the summer crops like rice which is a famous product in the area, tomatoes, sun-seed flowers and other types of vegetables by getting benefit from the water of spread wells for irrigation in the villages, they also get benefit from the water of surface wells since the area is distinguished by the easiness of water flowing from these wells and in many cases they do not need water pumps to pull out water from the well but flows by itself.

The majority of the district lands are flat and plain with few simple hills and heights which are benefited in grazing the cattle which are regarded to be an important source in the life of the people who are famous in breeding the sheep and processing dairy products especially the cheese.

The district contains 88 villages. After the formation of Kurdistan Region, the district witnessed a development concerning the spread of schools and health centers.