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Bardarash (district) • بەردەڕەش • بردرش • Berdereş‎

Bardarash ('block rock' in Kurdish) is 896km² with 76 villages. A subdistrict until 2008, the district of Bardarash is in the south of the fecund Nafkor plain.

It was called Murage in the Buldan, except for Bardarash Heights. Then in the 20th century it was called the Seven Tribes area.

The Great Zab forms the subdistrict's eastern border, and the Khazir flows through. People here grow non-irrigated crops such as wheat, barley, chick-peas and lentils. In the summer, irrigated crops like rice, tomatoes, onions, sun-seed flowers and other types of vegetables grow with spread wells and water pumped or brought in via canals from the Khazir. Cattle and poultry are also abundant.

Duhok Archaeology Office recorded (33) ancient locations since the lands of the district are full of hills, some of these locations are: Bamrazi hill, Rovia, Zanganan, Hasithia, Gerdapan and others.

After the formation of Region Government, the district witnessed a quality leap since schools and health centers are spread in the villages and hundreds tons of seeds, chemical and agricultural medicines are distributed to farmers and the hands of erection and reconstruction reached the villages.